Meditation is Key!

Meditation is everything. It’s the root cause to my IBS free life. I am happier, sharper, calmer, and more intuitive. Meditation really puts me in a childlike state, where I am worry free 90% of the time (and that percentage used to be 10%). Focusing on all the good in my life as opposed to everything that is wrong, minimized my stress levels and in time alleviated those horrible IBS symptoms. Eventually that led to a happier me; a person who began to see the beauty in the world and aspired for change. Continued meditation, a healthy lifestyle, and my persistent personality cured me. I was in such a happy state that I didn’t even realize my IBS was gone. One night my mother asked me how I was feeling and then said she’s hurting because of what I’m going through. It wasn’t until that moment that I thought to myself, “Hmm. Symptoms? I actually haven’t had any symptoms!” When I spoke those words, my mother was in shock and so was I. Before long, it was finalized that I no longer had the “incurable” syndrome – IBS. So, my advice? Very simple; yet many (like me prior) find it very hard to do. Just live a simple life. Love others. Love yourself. Be happy. Take time for yourself. Leave work at work. Accept all that’s wrong. Embrace your illness. Pray. Meditate. Be. ♡IBSFREE♡