The First Two Weeks ♡

I’m not a doctor but what I did to cure myself worked for me. I can only suggest that you try the same to see if it works for you too. I did it all without visits to medical specialists and nutritionists; and most importantly without medication. The only pill I took was a probiotic one and that is my kind of medicine (my gut also agrees). I thank God for His strength, for my friends, and my family for their support.

I’d like to share with you all about my first two weeks in the healing stage. I called it the bland/elimination diet. I had to completely eliminate all foods so that when I reintroduced them back into my diet, I’d know which caused the symptoms and which did not. Writing all of this in a diary was very helpful (I used my smartphone). I stayed hydrated and did not drink Kombucha until the second month of healing, but you can try it. I didn’t drink Kombucha because unfortunately, I didn’t know about it :). I remember eating an egg white omelet with spinach and onions. Lots of onions. Now at the time I didn’t know much about gassy foods and the doctors didn’t have time to go into detail about what to avoid and what to include in my diet. I was alone in this mess. So, after I ate the omlet, I experienced those terrible symptoms. I wrote down what I ate and knew that I shouldn’t have incorporated two ingredients into my omelet at the same time because I didn’t know which one caused the symptoms. I waited for lunch so that I could make the omlet again but with spinach only. I experienced no symptoms. I knew it had to be the onions. And good riddens it was. So with that, I went to my list on my phone and wrote, “No Onions!”I did this for two weeks with the same kinds of food. I did this because I knew my gut needed to heal very fast. It needed a break from everything. Slowly introducing foods that do not cause symptoms, allows the gut to heal itself. Some people would say things like, “What you’re eating is terrible!” “Are you even enjoying yourself?” I finally realized that of course I wasn’t enjoying the food I was eating but guess who was? My gut. So if she is happy, my whole being is happy. On top of the bland diet and probiotics, meditation and exercise also played a major part of my routine.

Accepting IBS and making it my friend for the time being was key to curing myself. I truly thank God for IBS, because I have learned so much. I am a completely new person. Really. I mean, I now have scoby’s chilling in fermented tea in my closet for heavens sake! 🙂 I’ve learned a lot and honestly creating this profile to help all of you is the most important reason why I’m so thankful for IBS. ♡

Below is my boring, yet life-changing, routine in regards to the food I consumed:

Breakfast: orginial oatmeal (no sugar/not even cinnamon at the time (which is really great for you)), and a banana. 1 boiled egg (egg white only). PS- I know the picture on my instagram page says no raw fruit but I never had an issue with that. Again, everyone’s body is different and you have to go through this process of elimination to figure what’s triggering your symptoms.

Snack- 8 oz of homemade bone broth, room temperature. Blueberries on the side and baked homemade zucchini chips. No salt or spices.

Lunch and dinner I’d would eat plain white rice. No salt or spices. With grilled/baked/or broiled fish or chicken. Or spinach salad only with fish or chicken.

Snacks – a rice cake with almond butter( never had an issue with that) I did stay away from raw nuts though, as they are hard to digest. Again, try it and if it doesn’t work, there are other bland and nutritious snacks out there. 🙂

☆☆☆I have a couple of posts about water on my instagram page. Please read them. It talks about when to drink and when not to drink water.☆☆☆ ibs_healing

☆☆☆Stress- If you maintain those high stress levels then everything above will not work. If you have a negative mind set, none of this will work. You have to meditate in the meantime. It’s the only way to learn to accept what you’re going through and tackle it with positivity. Remember, we can’t avoid pain and stress, but we can transform our response to it. Many blessings.♡♡



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